Welcome to FiRSTWORLD 

Welcome to FiRSTWORLD… a practically post-apocalyptic. (or maybe that’s just apocalyptic no post in sight), slightly Mad Magazine, alice-in-wonderlandy version of a dark dystopian reality that is freakily similar to ours. In a Dimension not quite far enough away, some shit went down sending us down a dark, slightly moist, satirical rabbit hole. Our reality takes the sitter route when the leader or a mother obsessed cult murders the “Messiah Monkey” (Harambe). 

So seeing how the world is turning, we decided to make FiRSTWORLD into a comic to be shared by everyone!  You can preorder your copy by clicking here or support our kickstarter campaign or sign up on our Paetron! But whatever you do, don’t forget to get on our email list so that you’ll stay up to date on all things FiRSTWORLD!

So now it’s time to join AboveAverage Joe and his guests; Poope, Mr. MouseMan, Auntie Samantha, and many more as they peer through this shit stained looking glass to discover the non-stop calamities tumbling down tsunami-like from what we call the “Harambe Effect”. Sit Down, strap in, and try not to melt.